The story of an old lady who looks more and more like a girl
19 September 1931: Registration A.That
Partnership: VITTET & Ritschard
1933 Installation at 8, Rue de Lausanne, now 18, Place Cornavin
1938 VITTET & Ritschard becomes Ritschard Partnership & CIE
1940 Lausanne Branch Opening, 6, Rue Ch-Monnard
Transfer Station 1942 Lausanne, 36, Avenue de la Gare
1943 Creation of a pension fund by Mr. Ritschard that assigns a value to help retirees. Ritschard is a pioneer in the field of Geneva.
1946 Death of Mr. Ritschard, Founder of the House becomes Ritschard & Cie H. Ritschard et Cie SA
1951 Open Travel Agency in Lausanne
1955 Creation of Ritschard Sport, football team for international matches companies.
1965 Construction 1st deposit 49, Route des Jeunes
Transfer Transport section 1968 Lausanne Street Geneva
1969-1970 Construction new depot and garage, 47 Route des Jeunes
1986 Death of shareholder
1987 Installation of a management buyout by existing frameworks
1988 Construction of a new building for storage Route des Jeunes
1988 Purchase of a first company in France, Rapides Savoyards
1991 Purchase of a new company in France, Transport Fernex
1997 Acquisition of the remaining shares of the two former minority shareholders
1998 Purchase of a plot of 10,000 m2 Scientrier and construction of office and warehouse building and creation of the SCI Ritschard
2001 Obtaining the ISO 9001/2000
2003 Business Development Logistics and Removals
2006 Acquisition Team Transport and Logistic Team in Basel
2006 Feast for the 75 years existence of the company
2009 Start of the study of a new MBO

2009 ISO 9001 / 2008 Certification
2009 OEA Certification
2011 Opening of a branch in Hong Kong
2012 Opening of our logistics center of 10,000 m2 in Meyrin (April 2012)
2012 05/11/2012 Ceremony first stone building our future administrative and logistical
2013 AEO Certification

2014 Moving in our new offices in Meyrin, Rue Emma Kammacher 8